Nurban-Art for Refugeehome

Painting A New Refugee Home by Nurban Art Project

The Nurban Art Project is an organization that has been founded by Julian Vogel, Marco Wegfahrt and Guy Palumbo with the goal of getting as many murals put up in the city of Nürnberg as possible in both the public and private sector.  This is our very first project.

About two weeks ago, we were informed that there is an office building being converted to house refugees here on Witschelstr. 73 in Nürnberg, and we were asked to donate our time and make this new home for the incoming refugees welcoming and a bit more beautiful.  We happily accepted.

This project is incredibly important to us because most if not all of the people who will be living in this building have come from incredibly difficult situations in war-torn regions and in many cases have sacrificed all that they have to make the long journey to Europe and land here in Germany.  We want to make sure that we can do our part to make them feel welcome here and also feel like they are moving into a real home after all they have been through.

The artists working on this project will be Julian Vogel and Cris Krieger, both long time mural artists based in Nürnberg, and Guy Palumbo, who will be contributing his first piece of this scale.  Julian and Guy have already gotten started because the scaffolding on the north side of the building is only there for a limited time and Julian will be heading off soon to Baghdad to do his part to make some walls more beautiful over there.  Cris will be painting the west side during the third and fourth weeks of November. The fourth, a collaboration piece, will be done when Julian is back from Iraq, over the course of the last week of November and the first week of December.